Allie Dashiell

Sports Chiropractor with a focus on exercise and movement. Neighborhood Chiropractic

Dr. Allie Dashiell DC, MS  moved to Portland, Oregon to study Chiropractic and Sports Medicine at the University of Western States. She earned a doctorate of Chiropractic and then continued her education in the Sports Medicine masters program which provided on-field experience with many athletes of different sports. As a compassionate and enthusiastic Chiropractor, Dr. Allie enjoys educating her patients about their health and formulating individualized treatments. She strives to reduce pain while optimizing stability and function with customized rehabilitative stretches and exercises. Dr. Allie is devoted to providing an integrative approach to treatment while keeping abreast of the latest research. Recently Dr. Allie has attended multiple seminars, including: Webster Technique for the treatment of pregnant women, Fascial Manipulation, Neurodynamics Upper and Lower Quarter, and DNS for Runners.

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How I Stay Moving:

Bootcamp 2-3 times per week, run 2-3 times per week, and rock climb in the gym or outside when I get a chance

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