Andrew Cook

Running, cycling, and overuse injuries in the everyday athlete Twin Cities Movement: chiropractic and rehabilitation

Dr. Andy Cook has a passion for getting people to move the way they want to, because he feels that regular movement is essential to quality of life. He has had an interest in the way people move since chiropractic school, but he has planned to work in some aspect of healthcare for many years, out of a drive to help others live the lives they want. Dr. Cook feels that chiropractic and active rehabilitation work together, empowering the patient to achieve faster, more sustainable results, starting with the least intrusive intervention possible. He doesn’t stick to one or two protocols to treat all back pain and neck pain the same, rather uses many different tools, depending on what he is finding with the patient in front of him. He feels this individualized approach, which often takes time in the initial exam, greatly shortens the time the patient needs to be treated.

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How I Stay Moving:

Personal training 2x/wk, movement flows and at-home kettlebell and TRX workouts, cycling, running, yoga.

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