Bethany Nguyen

Convenient services in home/work; specialization with tennis MyoMovement

Dr. Bethany Nguyen is a physical therapist with the primary purpose to help people attain a higher level of fitness and health to further improve their overall quality of life. After completing her Bachelors of Science degree, she went on to obtain her Doctorate of Physical Therapy to further her understanding of human movement and help others recover from injuries that hinder their day to day living.

With a 10 year background of being a tennis athlete, she is passionate about assisting athletes in this field to enhance their performance and prevent injury and time off the court.

She aims to bring organic healing into the lives of those who seek to have the highest quality of living. Whether that be returning to your favorite sport/hobby, playing with your grandchildren or walking your dog – her goal is to provide solutions to help you return to your day to day necessities, without the pain killers, injections and surgery.


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How I Stay Moving:

Weight lifting 3-5x/week, tennis, hiking, zumba, dance fitness.

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