Brian Mahoney

Specialize in training middle age and elder populations Brian Mahoney

Hi, first and foremost I am a dedicated husband and father of 3. I am also the Associate Director of Physical Activity for Optum, as well as a General Manager and Personal Trainer in the NYC metro area. I have over 15+ years experience in working with the general population, with an expertise in strength training, improving aerobic capacity, using Heart Rate Variability software, and alleviating joint and muscle “tightness” that seems to affect everyone who works at a desk. Trainerize allows me to closely monitor and personalize fitness programs for each unique individual. I am of the opinion that we cannot take a one-size-fits-all approach to fitness, as each individual has their own issues and goals, be it mobility/stability restrictions, or different fitness goals all together. If you are dedicated to improving things like flexibility, strength, and increased overall energy, then work with me for a few months and make it happen!

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How I Stay Moving:

Strength Training 4x/Week; Aerobic Conditioning 4x/week

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