Bryce E Christianson

Serve world class, beginner & recreational athletes equally. COOR Wellness

I am blessed to have trained under some of the brightest and mentor future leaders in movement. My first love was seeing soft-tissue injuries improve in endurance athletes and now am loving adding strength.

Choosing chiropractic school over PT/OT/DO school was a long hard choice but I like the broad scope we have.

My clinic is hiring movement specialists. My patients & I are wanting a DPT with dry needling skills and fitness coaches. We believe in collaborative care is best for the public. Our clinic is in a recreational mecca and I’m providing opportunities for providers to work and play in a great area.

Payments Accepted:


How I Stay Moving:

Running, Cycling, Swimming, Crossfit 2x/week, Self Programmed Functional Training, bench & overhead pressing my daughter

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