Caitlin McCurdy

Strength Training Weight loss Return from Injury--All levels! Iron Roots Strength Academy

A childhood ninja, turned college athlete, turned rehabilitation aide, turned educator and entrepreneur.  I have been a coach nearly all of my life and it my most passionate endeavor.  It is my pleasure serving others by way of educating them through movement and exercise, assignments, and various challenges to maximally test them while maximizing their safety (mechanics, flexibility, mobility, etc.) and body literacy (aka ability to communicate and execute what’s supposed to happen when good form is in place during exercise and in daily life!


I am confident that no matter where you are starting today I can help you gain clarity on where you are, what you aim to do, how you will get there, and how you will know if it’s working, and most importantly–HOW YOU CAN DO THIS FOR YOURSELF!  That is my promise to you.

Payments Accepted:


How I Stay Moving:

Mobility routine weekly and daily
Kettlebells 2-5 days/wk depending on goal/recovery
Movements related to skill I want to improve (I.E. Handstands)
Get my heart rate up daily
Lots of stuff on the ground and abs/core often!

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