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With his positive attitude, caring approach, and attention to detail, Dr. Curt Kippenberger develops conservative treatment plans individualized for each patient. He is committed to empowering his patients in making conscious health and wellness decisions. Dr. Curt began his journey in health care while attending Rolla High School. As a wrestler, he knew he had to take care of his body to endure the rigors of the season. This knowledge led him to the University of Missouri where he studied Human Exercise Sciences and Nutrition. Here, Dr. Curt worked with the Tiger football team as a student athletic trainer. During this time, he became recognized as a strength and conditioning specialist through the National Strength and Conditioning Association. Dr. Curt began racing bicycles competitively in 2000 with the Mizzou Cycling Team. While racing, he found that his journey to understanding the human body was far from over.

With his cycling knowledge, and understanding of the human frame, Dr. Curt began working with other cyclists as a coach and bicycle fitness specialist. While working at Walt’s Bicycle Shop, he noticed many cyclists suffering from lower back pain and decreased flexibility due to poor cycling posture. After exploring many avenues to address these concerns, Dr. Curt decided to enroll at Logan College of Chiropractic. During his time at Logan, he attended several post-graduate seminars in the areas of functional rehabilitation, pediatrics, Kinesiotaping, acupuncture, sacral occipital technique, and motion palpation. Dr. Curt gained the opportunity to work with Dr. Crystal Peairs at Lafayette Square Chiropractic before graduating from Logan. Through his training at Logan, and his experiences prior, Dr. Curt caters to athletes of all levels, children, families and adults of all ages. He is a member of the Missouri State Chiropractic Association, the Columbia Chamber of Commerce, and the Cherry Hill Business Association. Dr. Curt and Focus On Health have partnered with Columbia Public Schools as the endorsed chiropractor for faculty and athletes.

Dr. Curt founded Focus On Health with his wife, Krista, in 2010. The two enjoy spending time with their two children, Kaydenceand Matti. Both girls fit into their lives quite well, as they has traveled both nationally and internationally, and been on numerous camping and rock climbing trips. When not working, the family flees to the outdoors with their two Brittany Spaniels, Parker and Payton. Dr. Curt still occasionally competes as a category 2 road cyclist, and a category 1 mountain bike racer. He has also competed 7 years in a row as a rock climber in 24 Hours of Horseshoe Hell, an endurance event to gain as many climbing routes as possible in a twenty-four hour period. Both Curt and Krista are avid cyclists and aspiring rock climbers who enjoy hiking, camping, backpacking and floating Missouri’s beautiful river ways.

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