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I Fell in Love With A Twist of Fate

“It’s by a sheer accident that I became a chiropractor,” Dr. David Moore says. “When I was a kid I suffered from a sports injury and to my own surprise, a chiropractor not only helped me recover but helped me feel better than I could ever have imagined as a child. I completely fell in love with chiropractic care and the idea of all-natural healing. I loved the thought of helping people and making their lives better. That’s when I knew I had to become a chiropractor. I had to spend my life helping people the way I was helped.”

This experience changed everything for him. Without that injury, he may have never discovered something that means so much to him now.

After attending New York Chiropractic College, Dr. Moore settled in as one of the most passionate chiropractors in Clifton. And while his education was fascinating, he’s loved the real-life experience of helping people in the community live better, nourishing lives.

“Knowing that I get to help put smiles on people’s faces is what gets me out of bed in the morning. I absolutely love helping people. I believe that God has created us and I feel we should do something to make others’ lives better. And that’s what I do here at my office. I’m here to help you enjoy a vibrant life and live your life fully!”

How does chiropractic care do that? By removing any interference within the way your body heals itself, you can heal faster, have more energy and live an incredible, joyful life.
A Cross-Fit Family Man

Dr. Moore lives an active, healthy life and enjoys competing in cross-fit. “I’m terribly in love with my family, and combining the blessing of my family with a career that I’m passionate about, I couldn’t be happier.”
An Incredible, Purpose-Driven Team

“I’m here because I truly want the best for you, and I think I can help. I’m here to provide the best care in New Jersey with the best team around. I want you to join the many patients that leave here filled with hope. Hope to feel better. And hope for a bright future. So, give me a call at (973) 253-7005, so we can setup a time to meet each other. Let’s get you excited about your life again!”

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How I Stay Moving:

Crossfit 3-4 time a week
Yoga once a week
Running 2 time a week
Chasing my kids around every day! 🙂

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