Dr. Oscar Andalon

Specializing in CrossFit athletes and Olympic lifters! Level4 Physio-Wellness-Performance

Dr. Oscar Andalon is a leading and trusted sports physical therapist, strength coach, performance enhancement specialist, educator, author, and Co-Founder of Level4 Physio-Wellness-Performance – San Diego’s Leading Specialty Private Physical Therapy and Human Performance Practice for People in their 40’s, 50’s and beyond, who value their health and want to restore or maximize their active and healthy lifestyle. For more than 16 years, thousands of athletes, fitness enthusiasts and active people of all ages, levels and sports including, CrossFit, Olympic medalists, professional, collegiate and recreational athletes have consulted Oscar; looking for answers to concerning questions about a fast end to their pain and best ways to improving performance.

Prior to living in Carlsbad, CA, he worked as Clinic Director for a 20,000 sq.ft. sports physical therapy and performance center. He became known as the “athlete whisperer” in the Pacific Northwest by becoming the leading sports performance enhancement physical therapist by working with many CrossFit athletes.  He also was a consultant to the Nike WHQ fitness and wellness center in Portland, OR.

Oscar’s passion for excelling in sports earned him the opportunity to compete in soccer both at the Division 1 collegiate level at University of San Francisco and at the professional level playing for the California Jaguars; giving him the understanding and experience of knowing what it takes to perform and excel at the highest level of competition.   Oscar is an orthopedic and sports performance specialist with a true passion in helping athletes and fitness fanatics of all ages and divisions, serving as an educator to bridge the gap between rehab and strength and conditioning.

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I enjoy going to the beach, trying to surf, riding my bike, and weightlifting. I am competitive by nature and soccer is something I still really love to participate in.

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