Dustin Henry

I specialize in treating athletes and hardworking people. Victory Spine and Sport

I am a pacific northwest native who grew up just south of Portland, OR. After high school, I joined the Army where I spent five and a half years as a sniper and reconnaissance team leader in the 82nd airborne division. I served three combat tours in Afghanistan and Iraq and am a proud graduate of Ranger School, Sniper School and Airborne School.

After I got out of the Army I began having recurring bouts of low back pain. I didn’t understand why it was happening to me, I was in great shape, physically active, and  I thought I was doing all the right things. It wasn’t until I was in chiropractic school learning about movement patterns and  principles of mobility vs stability that I could finally fix my own issues and be pain free.

Since I have personally experienced how much pain (especially low back pain) negatively impacts your life, I strive to bring the best care to my patients. My goal is to not only get my patients out of pain but give them the tools to keep it away!


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How I Stay Moving:

Weight training, kettlebell training, CrossFit, running and chasing my 1 year old yellow lab all over the neighborhood!

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