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Katrin Neue is specialising in helping clients to find more comfortable and efficient ways of moving, no matter the age or mobility level. Whether you’re an athlete or recover from surgery, accidents, recurring injuries or trauma, or want to start moving again gently, this work offers solutions for getting better at what you love to do.

Somatic Movement Education can help you restore better muscle function by releasing excess, habituated tension through gentle movement. It is also highly beneficial in a therapeutic symbiosis with talk therapies in regaining agency after traumatic events. Movement can be hands on guided / assisted in a one to one lesson, or verbally cued in a group class.

Hands on techniques are providing feedback to the actively moving client as well as some passive releases. There are no manipulations or painful pressure involved and lessons are guided in terms of movement patterns but client led in terms of range of motion. Our goal is to get you into self determined practice from the first lesson, independent from a practitioner. That means, we only work together for a limited number of sessions to set the foundations – the only commitment you need to make is to yourself!

A little about me: I personally came to Somatics after the birth of my son, having taught in dance education for 10 years as well as teaching Pilates. Somatic Movement helped me to rapidly restore my body after years of dance injuries and habituated compensations from surgeries and stress in a way that other modalities did not.

I practice one to one from my Dublin City centre office, as well as teaching classes in different places.

I am a guest lecturer at University of Limerick / MA Dance performance, give in house wellness trainings for companies, as well as guest teaching for Dance Ireland in the professional development daily morning classes.


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How I Stay Moving:

Playing with my son, fitting some Somatic Movement into my day, even if only a few minutes, walking and returning to dance

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