Kayla Hull…the barefoot bodyworker!

Specializing in pain reduction, body balance, posture correction L.I.F.T. - Lakeland Ideal Fitness Training

I am a massage therapist with a background in competitive gymnastics who writes the training program for L.I.F.T. My massage and body work practice uses myofascial release, deep tissue, assisted stretching, trigger point, and many more techniques to make each session unique to you and your needs. Our training program in the gym includes strength, agility, skill, and accessory work in a progressive manor to correct imbalances in the body while improving overall health and fitness. We have become specialists in assessing the source of chronic pain that our athletes experience in daily life and training and eliminating that pain through body work and exercise.

Payments Accepted:


How I Stay Moving:

Bike riding & massage work as often as possible, CrossFit training 5-6 days a week, CrossFit coaching, gym ‘play time’ with fun complexes, and my own ‘homework’ of self care movements