Keith Sutorius

I specialize in helping older adults remain mobile and strong MAST Fitness

I work with clients at their homes.  NSCA – CPT since 1996.  Owner and operator of MAST Fitness since 2003. Have extensive experience working with Parkinson’s patients, clients with orthopedic issues, knee pain, shoulder pain, hip pain and lower back pain.  Worked in Physical Therapy Department at Barnes West Hospital, Wetterau Inc. Corporate Fitness Center.

Proper posture (static and dynamic) is the foundation on which most of my training programs are based on. Improving mobility, strength and balance levels are the long term goals of my training programs.  Each client progresses at their own pace. Their limitations are always considered when determining how they progress.  I train movements (like dynamic warm ups, squatting, hip hinging, rotating from the hips, lunging, step ups and step downs, etc.) instead of training muscles.

Learning how to properly move can minimize the amount of pain a client has to deal with.

A few of my favorite training mentors are Vern Gambetta, Mike Boyle, Bret Contreras, Dr. Stuart McGill.



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How I Stay Moving:

Mobility drills every day, posture exercises multiple times per day, strength training 2 -3 times per week, bicycling 4 – 6 times per week

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