Dr. Kristen Cooper

Running; 1:1; Headaches; Over 7yrs Dry Needling experience ONE. Physical Therapy, Fitness and Wellness

My Story:
Since starting work as a physical therapist in 2002, I have relocated a few times and experienced a variety of job settings. These diverse experiences have allowed me to see both positives and negatives in the healthcare setting. I have learned about the limitations and demands that both insurance and corporate companies can place on patient treatment, and have witnessed a decline in quality of patient care in the typical outpatient setting.
When given an opportunity to provide services on a one-on-one basis at ONE Physical Therapy, I was thrilled to be able to provide clients with individual care without the constraints of insurance/corporate productivity policies.

My goal as a therapist it to learn about each patient and their individual life demands and goals, and find a treatment approach and regimen that works best for them.

Payments Accepted:


How I Stay Moving:

Running, Cross Training, Yoga, Pilates