Kyle Long

South Seattle Strength and Conditioning Specialist

My fitness journey began at the tail end of my college career. For years I had been working out alone at the school gym and the YMCA following (what I know now as) body building protocols. Safe to say I did not see any results.  I began seriously training my last quarter of school doing CrossFit. Very quickly I saw my strength, confidence, and athletic ability increase. I fell in love. Withing 18 months I began coaching others.

Since then I have made it my goal to train and learn from the best. From specialists in their field and to synthesize all that knowledge to provide the best coaching I can. My studies include: barbell lifting, olympic lifting, gymnastics, kettlebells, athletic program design, nutrition, strength/power/speed training, and posture and corrective movement.

As a coach my mission is to achieve your goals. Whether it is specific skill acquirement, general fitness, or improving athletic performance I can help.

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How I Stay Moving:

My own training is gymnastics and strength focused currently. I generally do two sessions per day. In the AM it’s hand balancing and in the PM is skill/strength work.

My current goals are 1 minute free standing handstand, single arm chin up, full planche and lever, and increasing my deadlift and squat numbers

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