Lynn Weatherson

Sports Medicine Acupucturist/Energy Healer Be Well Natural Medicine, LLC

I worked as a personal trainer for several years and witnessed the profound effects that exercise has on improving health, and as a result,  decided to pursue massage as an adjunct therapy. This combined skill set allowed me the opportunity to better serve the athletes I worked alongside in their pursuit of health.

On this same path myself, I sought out another healing modality, acupuncture, for my own musculoskeletal injuries, and fell in love with the profound physical effects that acupuncture created. In addition, I noticed other amazing positive side effects including: improved sleep, less digestive issues, and feeling more balanced in a way that exercise or massage had never made me feel. It was upon this discovery that I decided to pursue a degree in acupuncture to help athletes and others achieve optimal wellness too.

I hold a Master’s degree in Acupuncture from Northwestern Health Sciences University and am Licensed by the Minnesota Medical Board. I am also a Massage Therapist and hold a Bachelor of Science in Community Health.

I believe that there are other choices in healthcare besides the traditional Western medicine ideology and that the body can be its own natural healer when partnered with other natural health care options like acupuncture, Chinese Medicine and massage therapy.

My expertise shines when working with musculoskeletal injuries and pain, but I also been trained to treat sleep and digestive disorders, women’s health and emotional trauma. I have a passion for creating physical and emotional balance between the body, spirit and mind. My comprehensive knowledge of the body makes me your ideal health care partner when seeking care for:
Muscular pain or strain
Improved athletic performance
Sleep disturbances
Digestive disorders
Anxiety and/or Depression
Trauma, emotional or physical imbalances Women’s health
Men’s health

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How I Stay Moving:

CrossFit, Spin, Running, Strength Training

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