Matt Moreno

Specializing in movement optimization. In Allen, TX. M2 Chiropractic

M2 Chiropractic is a family oriented practice that specializes in mobility optimization, injury prevention, and improving athletic performance.

In addition to his Chiropractic training, Dr. Matt also holds certifications in FRC, FDM, SFMA, and Rocktape.

Dr. Matt has a passion for helping his patients move and perform better. He has a long history in competitive sports which includes ice hockey, lacrosse, bowling, golf, ping pong, and soccer. He went on to play ice hockey at Texas A&M for 4 years. Throughout his career he has had lots of experience recovering from injuries as well as preventing them. He has taken all of his experiences and has applied the most beneficial aspects into his treatments. He spends time during each visit to truly examine how well his patients are moving and determines the best treatment options based off of the information gathered. He is very straight forward and will get you back to doing what you love as soon as possible.

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How I Stay Moving:

Movement exercises everyday.
Weight lifting 3-5 times/week.
Hockey and golf as much as possible.

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