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Dr. Rachel Alioto is a board-certified and registered Naturopathic Doctor in the state of Minnesota. She attended one of the seven accredited naturopathic medical schools, National University of Health Sciences, where she spent 3 years in biomedical and clinical classes and 1 year interning in both Illinois and California.

Dr. Alioto takes the time to listen and understand each patient’s unique condition in order to create a personalized treatment plan. Her goal is to heal, teach and inspire each person to be an advocate for his or her own health. She treats by addressing the whole body and stimulating the body’s self-healing processes to allow for the body, mind and spirit to attain balance and heal.

Dr. Alioto grew up in Northern California with her parents and older sister. She swam and played volleyball in high school and had always been interested in athletics and being healthy and active. She moved to Minnesota to attend the University of Minnesota where she earned a Bachelor of Science in Nutritional Science with a minor in Spanish. She always knew that she wanted to be a doctor, but throughout high school and college she struggled with severe stomachaches and weight loss that, despite all the testing, no medical doctor could figure out. Through her setback, she was inspired to find a more individualized and wholesome way of healing and it led her to naturopathic medicine, which soon became her passion.

In addition to her day job as a doctor, Dr. Alioto is also a swim coach for youngsters 10-18 years old. She has a previous history of coaching, so once she finished medical school she soon found her passion for swimming and inspiring young athletes on the pool deck once again.

When Dr. Alioto is not in clinic, she stays active and educated at the gym swimming or weight lifting, exploring the outdoors, listening to podcasts, reading, researching the latest in exercise science, fitness and diet trends (most recently the ketogenic diet and Crossfit), cooking and spending time with her family. Although she is a California native, she has come to appreciate and love Minnesota for all it has to offer.

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Weight lifting, swimming, running, yoga, HIIT 5-6 days/week

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