Ross Kees

Athletic-minded movement and injury physician - Franlin, TN Kees Chiropractic

Pain is a tricky beast. The general population has been conditioned to think that pain is the problem, rather than a symptom of dysfunction. Pain is typically the last symptom to appear, but the first symptom to resolve. This often makes the patient believe their issue has been completely resolved, or “fixed”. My treatments aim to assist the patient in creating the best possible environment for their body to heal and recover. I use movement patterns to locate dysfunctional joints and/or soft tissue and, through treatment/rehab, help athletes optimize their sport performance.

I have gained valuable experiences and knowledge from working with athletes during internships with the chiropractor for the University of Minnesota and the chiropractor for the Tennessee Titans.

Played collegiate football –  Linebacker/Defensive End

Head strength & conditioning coach (former) – Minnesota Vixen professional female football team

Assistant strength & conditioning coach (former)-  Eagan High School


Currently, about 80% of my patients consist of competitive Olympic weightlifters, professional athletes, collegiate/high school/middle school athletes, CrossFit athletes (general and Games competitors), and “weekend warriors”.

Payments Accepted:


How I Stay Moving:

Power & Olympic lifting 5x/week.

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