Sarah E. Haran

Female provider with both dance and CrossFit backgrounds Arrow Physical Therapy

Sarah Haran earned her Doctorate in Physical Therapy at the University of Washington in 2007. She was a ballet dancer from age 3 until 25, and as such, has treated dancers for several years. From this specialty, she developed specific rehabilitation strategies for treating chronic hip pain in dancers and now uses these same techniques in her treatment of hip pain in CrossFit athletes, and weightlifters, runners, and the general population with hip impingement. She is passionate about catching patients in her practice before they undergo surgery for hip impingement or labral tears.

Sarah has been crossfitting in Seattle since 2010 and competed in the CrossFit Games NW Regionals on a team in 2014. She also coaches at Ballard CrossFit in Seattle and holds a CrossFit weightlifting certification. Though she has loved working in other clinics throughout the Seattle area for almost 10 years, Sarah opened Arrow Physical Therapy in 2016 to focus further on a CrossFit clientele. Specialties at Arrow Physical Therapy include return to sport for CrossFit and weightlifting athletes, dance rehabilitation, running retraining, and non-surgical intervention of hip impingement.

Sarah emphasizes movement mechanics and stability. She works specifically with the patient to individually re-map their motor patterns in order to yield improved function and ultimately reduced pain. Sarah believes that if you learn to move more correctly, you can continue to participate in what you love.  She also loves to collaborate with and refer to other providers in order to best serve a patient’s needs.

In addition to physical therapy appointments, Sarah offers movement screening. This assessment will uncover whether a patient’s condition warrants traditional physical therapy or if they can change their performance by changing their technique or form.

A fee for service model is employed at Arrow Physical therapy because it ultimately allows Sarah to provide the highest quality one-to-one care. No aides or assistants are used and you will receive thoughtful, personally tailored, excellent care. At this time, Sarah is out of network with insurances. All payments are made via cash, check or credit/debit card. If applicable, patients may also use Flexible Spending Account or Health Savings Account dollars.  Package pricing is available.

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CrossFit and barbell training, rock climbing, backpacking

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