Dan Pope

Champion PT & Performance

Dan is a Doctor of Physical Therapy and strength coach.  He has an enormous passion for fitness, rehabilitation and optimizing human performance.  Dan’s background in athletic performance is extensive, leading to his unique knowledge of rehabilitation as it applies to sport.  Dan’s athletic career began at a very young age but his first major accomplishment was performing as a division 1 pole-vaulter at Rutgers University.

Dan was also a strength and conditioning coach and personal trainer for 6 years prior to beginning his journey into physical therapy and has continued to be a trainer or coach to this date.  Given this unique background he has a special talent for helping individuals in the strength and fitness world who need either rehabilitation or tips on optimizing performance.

Dan  specializes in treating Crossfit, olympic lifting and strength based athletes.  As much as he likes working with athletes, Dan loves working with regular people looking to enjoy their fitness pain free.

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